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About Caroline Mutsaerts
Date of birth:   1 december 1954
Place of residence: Amsterdam
Married to: Michiel Wijsmuller
Children: Witte (27), Isabelle (22) en Claudine van (22)
Education/ work: After finishing high school, I spent two years abroad as au-pair in Paris and London. Back in Holland I studied at the Fashion academy "Charles Montaigne" in Amsterdam. My first job was assistant buyer at Bijenkorf warehouse in Amsterdam. It was a fantastic time. The buying department was situated on the top floor of the building above the store, in the heart of Amsterdam on the Damrak. In those times being buyers at Bijenkorf for us meant not only visiting a lot of high class fashion brands, but we also designed our own Bijenkorf brand. Therefore, we occupied a lot of our time with determining models, colours and production. These days the work of buyers has changed: the main occupation nowadays is guarding budgets and working together with a lot of brands that have their own "shop in shop" in the Bijenkorf. After 6 years I made a side step to the Advertisement office FHV/BBDO before marrying my husband: Michiel. After marriage we lived in Curaçao for four years (1984-1988). Back in Holland I worked in the Confection Centre with fashion agencies. The next step moved me to the world of interiors. To educate myself I studied at the Artemis Academy in Amsterdam. In the field of interior decorating I was active in several ways, such as running my own collection on fairs.
Life: Two years ago our youngest daughter flew from our home to study in Groningen (a city in the northern part of the Netherlands). As such my husband and I are left together in our big house near the Vondelpark. New changes are that we are going to move to a smaller house and so the idea grew to add a button BUY to Madelon's site Lifestyle 2 Go. Not only do I have too much furniture, but also many of my friends have basements and attics with attractive furniture that they do not use anymore. Would it not be fun to recycle these objects and furniture? It would be like the vintage stores for cloths that we find on every street corner in Amsterdam. Surely, clothes have a more practical size. Still we want to give it a try because it's fun and because on Ebay it is impossible to get a reasonable prize for really nice stuff like an Artemide lamp or your used Molteni sofa. The intention is not that all goods are high class or luxury, but they have to be tasteful.
Motto: To do as many things in one day.
Favorites Caroline
City: Amsterdam, Parijs, New York
Color: All sorts of reds and orange
Fragrance: Joe Malone, Narciso Rodriguez
Fashion: Moschino, Rika, Cos, Prada
Interior: Leenaars and Essentials, both shops stopped, Vincent van Duysen, Marcel Wolterinck
Music: All sorts
Movie: Rabbithole, Borgen
Actress: Julia Roberts, Merel Streep, Emma Thompson
Favourite heirloom: Silver Candles
Most expensive fashion purchase:    Diamond earrings
About Alexandra Roskam
Date of birth:   27 november 1968
Place of residence: Amsterdam
Married to: Jasper
Children: Berber, Tara & Lily
Education: I was born in Belgium (Brussels) and moved to Holland when I was 5. After my graduation I moved to Granada (Espana) to learn Spanish at the Collegio Universidad en Granada. After I came back, I moved to Amsterdam where I followed a Management course at Schoevers. When I got the chance to write for my profession, I went to the Dutch school of journalism to follow a writing course.
Work: Around my 20th birthday I became a stewardess. For almost 7 years I had an amazing time as an assistant purser. I have seen so many beautiful places and never had so much fun in my life. While I was flying around the world, I started to work as a charity worker at a Dutch Hospital to work with cancer patients and their families. This work provided the necessary balance in life. So not only shopping in New York but also helping very ill people. I stopped with both jobs when my mother and a very good friend got cancer. At that time, the high life of the stewardess seamed meaningless and my work at the hospital came to close to me. Time to move on, so I became a booker at 2 casting/model agencies but ended up working in front of the camera myself. After this I worked for 3 years for a advertising agency ( McCann-Erickson). And finally, all these experiences lead to a job as a marketer with a magazine publisher. For 5 years I did the marketing for many magazines of the Dutch Telegraph Group. Like Residence, Autovisie, FHM, MAN, Esquire etc. I became a magazine fanatic and when, 4 years ago, I got the chance to write for a women’s magazine, I immediately said yes. From that moment on I started to write as a freelance beauty journalist for Sanoma. I wrote for magazines like Grazia, Fab, Beau Monde, Margriet, etc. Now I’m an enthusiastic blogster. I blogged four years for Grazia, one year for Fab magazine and since October 2013 I have my own beauty/lifestyle blog: http://www.alexandraroskam.nl
Life: Together with my husband Jasper and my 3 daughters I live in the center of Amsterdam. I enjoy the mix of raising children and writing. In the morning after I bring the kids to school I often go to press launches of different beauty brands. When I pick up the kids after school I’m busy with bringing them to hockey, tennis, singingclass etc. Usually I continue my work when they are in bed again.
Also: Since 3 years, I do a lot of charity work for VUmc Alzheimer research center in Amsterdam. I’m on the fundraising comity and try to raise as much money as possible every year. Unfortunately my father has Alzheimer so for me this work is very important. And we will raise never enough.
Motto: Try to be happy with the things you already have in life..
Favorites Alexandra
City: Amsterdam, Parijs, New York
Color: Grey, green
Fragrance: Cabotine by Gres
Fashion: DvF, LaDress, Zara, Chloé
Interior: Mixture off Dols, with Etro, Zoffany, Pierre Frey
Music: Diana Ross, Brad Mehldau, Charles Aznavour, pop, jazz, disco
Movie: La Grande Belezza, Intouchables
Actress: Cate Blanchett, I recently interviewed her
Favourite heirloom: 2 rings I bought with the money my grandmother left me.
Most expensive fashion purchase:    Black evening dress at Pauw.
About Luisa Farelo Hayes
Date of birth:   16 March 1983
Place of residence: Cape Town, South Africa
Married to: Ashton Hayes
Education: Springfield Convent School; Silwood Cordon Bleu School of Cookery
Work: After completing my studies at Silwood I went on to work at a well known 5 star establishment in Cape Town called Ellerman House for a few years. I was then given an amazing opportunity to become a personal chef, which allowed me to travel the world cooking for various clients in Amsterdam, South of France, Ireland, New York, California, and Gstaad, Switzerland. After 5 years of traveling I felt the urge to settle back down in Cape Town and worked at a Food consulting agency, doing all their recipe development and food styling. For the past 3 years I have freelanced as a food stylist and have worked on some very exciting projects which include developing and styling recipes for a leading South African retailer.
Life: I have just recently married my boy friend and best friend of 7 years. I come from a very large Portuguese family and think I inherited my talent and love for food from my grandmother, who’s an excellent cook. I love eating out, experiencing new dishes (my favourite food at the moment being Dim Sum). I don’t think I will ever get tired of traveling abroad. I am a serious creative and in my element when having to source props and quirky items for my styling. I am one of those lucky people that absolutely love their job and am so grateful that I a have found my passion in life.
Also: I am a huge coffee snob, always on the lookout for the next trendy coffee hub. I like to order an espresso with steamed milk on the side so that I can make sure my milk is poured to perfection!
Motto: "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else" – Judy Garland
Favourites Luisa Farelo Hayes
City: Cape Town in Summer, Gstaad (Switzerland) in Winter
Colour: Navy blue
Fragrance: Flower bomb, Victor Ralph
Fashion: Country Road, Trenery, Zara
Interior: Favourite brand - Love Milo
Music: Always listen to the Radio
Movie: The Holiday (because of the beautiful interior)
Actress: Sandra Bullock
Favourite heirloom: Beautiful antique gold ring from my grandmother
About Mirjam
Date of birth:   25 May 1965
Place of residence: Muiderberg
Married to: Eduard
Education: When I finally finished high school in Overveen, that same week I packed my bags and moved to the Keizersgracht. How much I longed for the Amsterdam-life, and I made the most of it. I studied Dutch Language & Literature, partly Psychology and Philosophy and four days a week I worked in hotels and restaurants. And, of course, there was no end to having fun; as a student you can go out in Amsterdam centre every day. Due to Madelon’s encouragement I developed some activity in my sorority... In 2005 I started my own business as a (online) coach and therapist after a lot of training in that area. And all that still continues: studying, reading and following courses - a book makes me happy. Only by continuously developing yourself you can be meaningful towards others.
Work: After doing several jobs in editing, public relations, journalism and office management, I started my own business as coach and therapist. Based on my first experiences and my interest in the Internet, I developed a special method for online coaching and therapy: Mindful Analysis. Through daily contact, via email, clients explore themselves and come to deep insights and solutions. A very intensive process, but it works. This way I combined my love for all sorts of texts, as well as my ambition in helping others in a fast and comfortable way. I wrote several books on these topics. Apart from that, I organize workshops, training en courses in this field. Beside that I also write non-fiction, as in my storybook ‘Op Exenjacht’....
Life: Eduard and I live in a beautiful bungalow in Muiderberg. This formal seaside resort is an oasis of peace and nature - after 25 years of rather dazzling life in Amsterdam - this was a relief. But it’s starting to tickle again and recently we climbed our spinning bicycles in our good old Amsterdam gym. Sports are very important in our lives, a necessity of life, so to speak! I run and take spinning and dance classes as much as I can. Furthermore, we enjoy nature, love little hotels, art, films and of course... books.
Also: I spend a lot of my time activating and inspiring women. Especially with the Buddhist wisdom in my mind; that a lot of what we think and do is based on illusion. Awareness of reality brings out so many talents and energy!
Motto: A healthy mind and good taste.
Favorites Mirjam
City: Amsterdam, Paris, Bandung
Color: Red
Fragrance: Lancaster
Fashion: Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Caroline Biss
Interior: Anything but grey
Music: Amy Winehouse, Trance/Dance, Max Bruch
Movie: The Godfather, Kill Bill, Magnolia
Actress: Emmanuelle Riva in Hiroshima Mon Amour
Favourite heirloom: A silver charm with a mask from Yokya
Most expensive fashion purchase:    Is still to be bought
About Berine Mijnster
Date of birth:   19 August 1996
Place of residence: Amsterdam
Siblings: Folkert ('92), Jurriaan ('93) and Pomeline ('94)
Education: “Until I was eight years old I lived in a town called Aerdenhout, after that we moved to Amsterdam with the whole family. After 1 year at the Amsterdams Lyceum I decided I wanted to go to a boarding school in the north of Scotland. Gordonstoun is a school where, beside the academic curriculum, they also offer a lot on social level, sports field and performing arts. At Gordonstoun, until this year, I had the time of my life; exchange to India, charity work after school time but also in different countries, international conferences and so much more. This year I decided to come back home to live the Amsterdam life.”
Life: “Although I am not that old yet, I have seen a lot and been through a lot. That is partly because of the way my parents raised me. They have given me the chance to experience a lot internationally. Different cultures with different tastes, smells, languages and ideas. Because of all this travelling and the boarding school that I have attended, I became independent at a young age and had to make my own decisions from then on.

I am a real girlie-girl who loves making fun, cooking, eating (mostly healthy, they call my the veggie monster, but I am also in for loads of ice-cream and popcorn.), travelling, shopping, whatsapping, baking, photography (instagram: berinem), following blogs about fashion and food for hours, watching movies, singing, dancing and acting and especially keeping up with all my friends worldwide.

However I am just an ordinary teenager in her puberty, who loves having a good time and go out into the world to discover all that is new and share it with everyone. Might be something hereditary?”
Also: “Although I might be the youngest of the family, I am the most organised but also the most opinionated one. Due to the older ones in my family I've always had something to look up to which has taught me to dream, and hopefully one day fulfil them. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”
Motto: One who is not big, has to be strong (worded). Live the life you love, love the life you live.
Favorites Berine Mijnster
City: Amsterdam, New York, Londen
Colour: Every color that looks good that moment
Fragrance: Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Fashion: She Rebel, Scotch & Soda, Zara, French Connection, vintage
Interior: MOS Interiors
Music: Pop, musical, R&B.. whatever suits the mood
Movie: The Holiday, Love Actually
Actress: Cameron Diaz
Favourite heirloom: Although it's not a 'heirloom' yet, the slave bracelet my mum gave me for my sixteenth is a bracelet she got for her own sixteenth from her grandmother.
Most expensive fashion purchase:    Mulberry bag
About Anne-Marie
Date of birth:   November 24, 1971
Place of residence: Terneuzen
Married to: Ricardo
Children: Frederique (12), Maurits (9)
Education: “I was born and raised in Zeeuws Vlaanderen. My father had a meat factory in Ghent, Belgium. Particularly through his international contacts, my interest in foreign countries was aroused at a young age. After my exams I’ve worked for a few months as an au pair in an English family. Then I followed a Tourism & Recreation education in Maastricht. During my career I did several business courses in the field of sales and marketing.”
Work: “After my education, I had various positions within the travel industry. I've worked as a flight attendant and was a travel agent at a U.S. Army base. Later I became Sales Executive at Carlson Wagonlit travel and Account Manager at British Midland. I then, because of the work of my husband, moved from Maastricht to Utrecht and later to Zeeland. He now has his own business in Antwerp. When we got back in Zeeland I worked part time at TQ3 (now BCD) for another year. Due to problems with my health and because I had to cover long distances I decided it was time for something else. I wanted to develop my creative side and did several courses on writing and interior.”
Life: “I am the youngest of a large entrepreneurial family. I love therefore bustle around me. My family lives close by, so often it is a coming and going of family and friends. A few years ago we remodeled our house for a year and half so that it completely fits to our family and lifestyle.” Since a couple of years I’m a member of the Ladies’ Circle Netherlands. This is a service club for women to 45 years. This year I’m the secretary of the local board. ”
Also: “During my career I was responsible for arranging al kinds of things, such as client events, sight inspections, excursions, trips for travel agents, presentations and so on. People often ask me where I’ve got my inspiration. The answer is in my travelling. By viewing a lot; museums, old buildings, interior and fashion magazines, but also by strolling around in cities like New York and Rome, that is a huge source of inspiration. Via Lifestyle2go I can join all these experiences so that others can get access to everything that makes life more fun.”
Motto: Reach for the stars and catch the moon. If nothing is certain, everything is possible.
Favorites Anne-Marie
City: New York, Rome
Colour: I can fall in love with a particular color combination. As for example in the fabrics of Missoni
Fragrance: At the beginning of every holiday I buy a new fragrance. Twenty years ago I bought Sun Flowers by Elizabeth Arden. This perfume still makes me think of my vacation in Hawaii
Fashion: Zadig & Voltaire, Essentiel, Strenesse
Interior: Linteloo, Des Pots, Piet Hein Eek
Music: Snow Patrol, Bruce Springsteen, Classical music (Opera)
Movie: The Holiday (because of the beautiful interior)
Actress: Sandra Bullock in "The Blind Side"
Favourite heirloom: Hand knotted Persian pillow
Most expensive fashion purchase:    Evening dress by Valentino
About Kitty Leurink
Date of birth:   December 3, 1970
Place of residence: Borne
Married to: Willem
Children:: Valentijn (10), Julius (7), Phileine (5)
Education: “My parents used to own an estate in the east of the Netherlands, in which they ran a hotel. To me it was more or less self-evident to follow in their footsteps and study hotel management. Later in life I followed my real passions and enjoyed different kinds of courses in interior decorating and mindfulness/psychology.”
Work: “During and after my study I worked in fashion and in sales and marketing at international hotel chains. Since [datum] my husband Willem and I have owned Dorset restaurant (www.dorset.nl). I love being a host and meeting lots of people. I also take great pleasure in the necessary interior decorating our business asks for. In cooperation with famous Dutch interior decorator Marcel Wolterinck I redecorated the interior of our restaurant.”
Life: “Most of my family members now work in interior decorating, fashion and hotel and restaurant management. Maybe this way of life is hereditary. During and after my studies I used to live abroad and I still love to travel. Willem and I like to go on (gastronomic) short breaks abroad. Of course I’m also a spouse and a mother. My family is everything to me.”
Also: “I adore beauty; in fashion, interior and other things in life. But most importantly I love beauty in people, especially inner beauty. To me it’s a shame when state of mind and looks don’t match. Lifestyle2go.com is my way of offering advice on these matters.”
Motto: Don’t be afraid to express yourself and let your feelings guide you.
Favorites Kitty
City: New York, Paris
Colour: All kinds of blue
Fragrance: Ce Soir ou Jamais van Annick Goutal
Fashion: Ralph Lauren, Dorothee Schumacher, Marlene Birger
Interior: Dutch designers Axel Vervoordt and Marcel Wolterinck
Music: from classic (piano) to pop, from jazz to movie music
Movie: La vita è bella, Intouchables
Actress: Audrey Hepburn (favourite style icon as well!)
Favourite heirloom: antique ring from my mother
Most expensive fashion purchase:    couture dress by Valentino