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On Lifestyle2go.com I share through weekly blogs, all my personal findings in the field of Lifestyle, which are life-enriching.


For years people have been picking my brains for tips on travel, fashion, interior, recipes, beauty, events and much more.


My creativity is partly due to the many worldwide travels I've made and the different countries and places where I have lived as a child with my parents, alone and with my family.


My work as an interior designer is something I have inherited from home. My mother was always busy with decorating and changing our interior. Subconsciously, I took the habit on as a child and made sure my room was always contemporary with a personal warm touch.


Since then I have assisted many projects, or with complete renovations, or with the intervention of the whole device with my company: MOS interiors.


As an interior specialist and editor of a lifestyle magazine, all wonderful places in the world that I have visited as well as the many people I meet on my path, have inspired me in my sense of color, space and insights into trends.


I am also very privileged to be allowed to live in an inspiring piece of world heritage: our own capital 'Amsterdam'. 


Let me and my guest bloggers take you to the beautiful things in life and especially do not hesitate to provide us with your comments at the bottom of each blog-posts or on the Facebook page of Lifestyle2go.


Enjoy reading and viewing with pleasure!


Madelon Oudshoorn Spaargaren


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Most populair posts
Lifetsyle2go in store
Posted on: 09 may 2015 Posted by: Madelon

This month, the handmade clutch bags, beach bags and cushions from Lifestyle2go are for sale at the pop-up concept store 'Spiegel Boutique' in the most arty street in the heart of Amsterdam.   The pillows and bags of Lifestyle2go are all made with the famous batik fabrics from the famous Dutch textile company Vlisco.

Oostloor- Arts and Objects
Posted on: 25 march 2015 Posted by: Madelon

Last Sunday we were guests of two of my beloved gentlemen of OOSTLOOR. We had the pleasure of admiring the new concept- art gallery of Jan Wilem Loor and his partner Tertius van Oosthuyzen, together with a small company family and friends, while enjoying a classic ladies string.   We fell in love with the work of the South African Bastiaan van Stenis.

My favorite hangouts in Amsterdam at the moment
Posted on: 17 february 2015 Posted by: Madelon

And that changes quite often. Where I raved about in the beginning, could just suddenly fall completely out of favor with me after some time. Or because the coffee nowadays is lukewarm, you wait for ages until you get your order or the food is just not what is was like before. Where do I like to hang ...

Unique shop in the centre of Amsterdam
Posted on: 19 november 2014 Posted by: Caroline

Christmas is coming and it is the time we are searching for beautiful presents and special stores.
Amsterdam has both of them.
One were you will really be overwhelmed is the tiny store “Zalio”, next to the Stopera on the corner of the Amstel.
You have to take a few steps because the shop is located in the Sousterain of the house.

PRADA is in town
Posted on: 23 september 2014 Posted by: Madelon

Finally, also the last of the most influential clothing designers in the fashion industry moved into our capital. And with a phenomenal store on the corner of the PC Hoofstraat and Honthorststraat, where formerly, as long as I can remember, a lunch restaurant was situated. This Prada store distinguishes ...

I Love Sla
Posted on: 03 july 2014 Posted by: Madelon

As I wrote in my blog post last month, our winter pounds have vanished like frost under the morning sun. Well, not quite without any effort. Using  or m, no carbohydrates and occasional a very sour-apple day after a night of the pleasant social outings, we just had to buy new clothes in a smaller size.

Sexy-up your guy!
Posted on: 26 june 2014 Posted by: Madelon

A man wants to shine once in a while as well. It is for the man obviously more difficult (or is it easier?) to dress original and fancy at all times. For us women, we have ample choices like heaps of makeup, several hairdos, shiny jewels and we can dress up in all kinds of different outfits. A man has so much less choice.

Eye-lift without lift and the lash-fairy
Posted on: 21 may 2014 Posted by: Madelon

And so I got to wake up one day with stinging and watery eyes. I know now that it can, in my case, have to due with aging, but after some time I realized that it was a sudden irritation/allergy of my eyeliner and / or mascara. After having first tried various face creams without the desired result, over on expensive mascaras and eyeliners without parabens and other junk.

Hippie Chic takes Amsterdam
Posted on: 02 may 2014 Posted by: Berine

  The most famous hippie market from Ibiza has flown to Amsterdam. Due to our dear friend Kae Sutherland from4everwitheveryone (see blog May 2013), who is ofcourse selling her collections there too, I was lucky enought to be able to go to the pre-sale. Gashouder-Westergasfabriek is converted into ...

We are Fan!
Posted on: 01 may 2014 Posted by: Berine

In addition to always looking for the latest trends, hotspots, recipes, you name it, we are also always looking for the newest apps. Let there now be a, not even yet thirty years old, friendly, smart guy walking around in Amsterdam that has finally given us a very good, useful app again. Jord Cuiper is the founder of the newest app Fanly.

Curls and color, super service and more
Posted on: 06 april 2014 Posted by: Madelon

Normally I am very loyal to my hairdresser. But because of certain circumstances in the salon that I used to go to, I now wander around and try out several hair wizards.    And so I ended up, via my eyelash and eyebrow girlfriend (more on her next time), with the famous hair boutique in curls in front of the RAI exhibition in Amsterdam.

(wine) and pasta
Posted on: 12 february 2014 Posted by: Madelon

On the way from home to the airport, my love and I decided, on spec, to search for a restaurant in the Admirals neighborhood in Amsterdam Oud - West.
We agreed that we would settle down wherever we would find a parking spot for our oversized American family van, jokingly called the " rapper's delight - car '.

Posted on: 07 february 2014 Posted by: Madelon

I continue to struggle with the desire to keep all my ‘jewels of life ' to myself or to share with friends and followers. First of all, I grant all those nice people with great companies many commercial customers and secondly, sharing is much more fun than keeping it to yourself. So here it is: LAVINIA Lavinia is the main character in Virgil’s Roman mythology of Aeneis.

AFW- Spijkers en Spijkers
Posted on: 28 january 2014 Posted by: Berine

The two girls are a legend in the fashion world. Pret-a-porter dresses and skirts and socks in sandal heels!  

AFW- Edwin Oudshoorn
Posted on: 28 january 2014 Posted by: Berine

All I can say is 'haute couture in a fairytale'... Enjoy the pictures and dream off by the story...

AFW- Dennis Diem
Posted on: 28 january 2014 Posted by: Berine

Flowing scroppino's and vita coco, the Dutch and famous... and as one of the lucky ones I was present at the closing day of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. There we sat, my dad and I, front row and right at the end, where the models pose, at Dennis Diem his show, he whom got famous for his corsets. Watching ...

Amsterdam Fashion Week-1
Posted on: 24 january 2014 Posted by: Berine

23 January, THE openings day of Amsterdam Fashion Week. A world famous event that bloggers simply cannot miss out on. Therefore, I was lucky enough to have been seated on the second row at Aziz Bekkaoui his show. It was already Aziz his twentieth time parading down the catwalk at AMF. With his ‘Images ...

Chow Amsterdam
Posted on: 22 november 2013 Posted by: Madelon

So thrilled when I find a new restaurant at walking distance from our home. Chow was once a tapas venue, under a different name and because of the fact that the last time it was here that I saw my stepfather alive, I sort of avoided the place since.  But having dinner at Mazzo next door (this ...

Espresso and Rock'n Roll
Posted on: 07 november 2013 Posted by: Madelon

  This surely is not a new hotspot, nor is it a trendy place, but it is one of the most original eateries in the heart of Amsterdam. This is ‘Latei’ at Zeedijk. The spot for Vintage and Espresso, Porcelain and Olive Oil and a bit of Rock ‘n Roll. Twice a year we meet here for a true Dutch breakfast with very dear Amsterdam friends, to have an extensive chat about life.

Shoot the Zebra
Posted on: 17 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

As an interior decorator I often feel the urge to throw things around in my own interior. But of course in this economical crisis I wouldn’t do anything stupidly large. But once in a while move furniture or change its color does wonders for my interior stylist drift.   So we are the proud owners of this monster Baxter couch in zebra print.

The new hotspot in Amsterdam ; 5&33 in the Art Ôtel
Posted on: 15 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

This month you could “sneak” food at the new restaurant : 5&33 in the Art Ôtel. Tonight they have their great opening party for 600 people and from tomorrow on you can officially book a table. But already turning to trail, they had a ‘sneak preview’ menu 3 weeks before opening.

Café Louter
Posted on: 23 september 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Even though you live in the heart of Amsterdam with its many restaurants, sometimes you feel the urge to cross the boundaries to look for some cosy eateries in an other part of the city. And so we found café Louter in Amsterdam Old West. We had passed the place a lot already on our way to the high way.

love LIEVE a true dearest salon boat
Posted on: 21 september 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Floating on the water of the Amsterdam canals as Aladdin on his flying carpet. The most beautiful salon boat in the capitols waters is one with an electronic motor. Therefore it is a very eco friendly and tremendously silent experience. The beautiful wooden ship can accommodate 12 people seated, both inside and outside.

Laura Dols
Posted on: 18 september 2013 Posted by: Berine

Since the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ has been released, there have been thousands of parties themed as the movie, the roaring twenties. This means classy dresses, pearls, feathers, headbands, sequins, feather boa’s, Charleston heels and much more glitter and glamour, but for us ...

fashion high wine RAAK
Posted on: 16 september 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Today my eldest daughter and I were guests at the exclusive fashion show of Jos van Raak. This time Jos welcomed everyone at the Conservatorium Hotel for an autumn High Wine. Of course your blogger, like always, did not touch any wine, but the 5-course diner was heaven. At every course the models showed us the new autumn-winter collection of Jos’ shop.

ancient stimulant
Posted on: 28 august 2013 Posted by: Madelon

A woman can not do without. The Aztecs already connected cocoa with the goddess of fertility. Six centuries ago, chocolate was only drunk and chocolate in the 17th century was a luxury product that was only used by the nobility. The first edible form dates from 1847. Cocoa could be lowering blood pressure and is experienced as an emotional stimulant, probably due to the presence of caffeine.

screaming beans 2
Posted on: 26 august 2013 Posted by: Madelon

On September 14, 2012 I blogged about my favourite coffee shop around the corner: 'Screaming Beans'. In the past year a lot has changed in their company. They have undergone a massive transformation in the Hartenstraat and started a second shop in which they serve great wines and gourmet cuisine beside their famous coffee and tea.

Canal Festival and Parade Amsterdam until sunday evening!
Posted on: 21 august 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Until Sunday, you can still enjoy the Canal Festival and Parade Amsterdam. At various locations throughout the city you can enjoy some young and old virtuoso, musicians and lead vocals. It takes place in hotels, parks, canals, museums, boats and at secret places like gardens and rooftops. From morning 10 am until late in the evening you can indulge yourself in music.

Bluespoon Restaurant/Andaz Hyatt hotel Amsterdam
Posted on: 01 july 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Despite the difficult financial times, a lot of new grand hotels appear in Amsterdam. So the old library on the Prinsengracht was totally renovated into a design hotel. As part of the Hyatt group The Andaz hotel gives this part of midtown on the canal a lot of style. Marcel Wanders is the one who took the responsibility for the interior design.

Superga goes 9 straatjes!
Posted on: 27 june 2013 Posted by: Berine

A brand born in 1911, in Italy. My mum already wore them for years in her student time, already then they were a big trend. And, luckily, the trend has totally made a come back! The simple but ‘oh so cute’ sneakers are very S/S 2013. They are very comfortable to walk on and easy to combine with anything as they are sold in every possible colour you could think of.

The most amazing spot
Posted on: 26 april 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Actually it cost me some effort to share this place with you. Long time ago, for my 36th birthday, we arranged a' hippie party' at Woodstock, the beach club in Boemendaal at the sea. The place was not at all yet known under the in crowd of the area, our friends and acquaintances. It was thought of as a pot smoking weirdo place for a different crowd.

Fair + Fair
Posted on: 23 april 2013 Posted by: Kitty

Alongside one of Amsterdam’s canals, the Herengracht, and located in an authentic canal house, you can find a very special (tiny) department store. This store sells handmade design furniture, lamps and rugs. Fair + Fair is based on the principles of fair trade, social design and recycling. The products are made in third world countries, profits benefit the FAIR house Project.

A moment to yourself
Posted on: 16 april 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Although most of the time I try to eat healthy, followed macrobiotic cooking lessons, read all the books by Dr. Gillian McKeith, swore by my Ayurvedic friend about my constitution as full Pitta (yeh yeh, shouldn't do anything with my body he said. I am perfectly fine and healthy this way), I do sometimes really crave fat french fries.

Tasty bags
Posted on: 15 april 2013 Posted by: Kitty

Those bags by Smaak – Dutch for ‘Taste’ - Amsterdam keep getting more beautiful! Just looking at their candy coloured summer collection makes you yearn for a sunny day. Even better, the price of the bags is affordable as well. This Dutch label is driven by a passionate small team. I ...

Chocolate love
Posted on: 13 february 2013 Posted by: Madelon

A woman is ever to seduce with chocolate.  And in Amsterdam we are blessed with a whole lot of famous pastry shops/patisseries and chocolate stores. One of them is the more then hundred years established van Avezaath and Beune in Amsterdam South. Upon entry you will be greeted by the most delicious aromas of chocolate and mouthwatering cakes and biscuits.

Afternoon tea with love
Posted on: 28 january 2013 Posted by: Madelon

A real British afternoon tea is one of my favorite things to do during my visits in the UK. In Amsterdam we have a few spots of the Bakkeryshop, but the one at the Zeedijk is my favorite because of the atmosphere and the radiation. Their breakfasts and lunches are utterly delicious. You can ...

De Laatste Kruimel
Posted on: 07 january 2013 Posted by: Madelon

On the right side of the nicest jewelry shop in the heart of Amsterdam, Lyppens ( see our header '' ), you will find the delicious bakery, breakfast and lunch place . The counter is made of construction pallets and the stools of wooden crates. Everything is homemade and therefore fresh. The carrot cake and zucchini pie with lemon curd are a true treat.

Patisserie Holtkamp
Posted on: 04 december 2012 Posted by: Kitty

Dutch confectioner Holtkamp is one of a kind in Amsterdam and its surroundings. We from restaurant Dorset sometimes drive all the way from the east of The Netherlands to Amsterdam, just for his delicious pastry. Especially this time of year the tiny shop at Vijzelstreet is overcrowded. You should taste ...

Maxwell A'dam-East
Posted on: 16 november 2012 Posted by: Madelon

In the east of Amsterdam you will also find a lot of nice eateries. Unfortunately i do not visit that part of Amsterdam enough, simply because it is not on my daily route. But the other day we were looking for a place to have a quick lunch near to the OLVG before our appointment with mr doctor. We choose Maxwell.

Posted on: 02 november 2012 Posted by: Madelon

One of our favorites places for lunch in Amsterdam-South is 'Valerius'. The owner and his personal are adorable. It is possible to make reservations, which is quite unique and summers it is lovely to eat outside. What is more and very important, the atmosphere is very relaxed. Unlike many other Amsterdam-South places, here it is not a matter of 'seen and being seen'.

Posted on: 12 october 2012 Posted by: Madelon

Actually I only learnt cooking when I left home, barely 18. Before that it never had my interest and I was probably very occupied with matters in a adolescent life. I started by buying myself a cookbook and went to the battle. For years I treated friends at home with dinner parties and so my cookbook collection grew rapidly.

The Harbour Club, Amsterdam
Posted on: 05 october 2012 Posted by: Kitty

Last Sunday my family and me enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Amsterdam Harbour Club. Great atmosphere, and such a magnificently impressive building! The location is great, right there on the waterfront. What struck me, however, was the massive amount of staff that somehow seemed new to working as a team.

Exchange Hotel, Amsterdam
Posted on: 18 september 2012 Posted by: Madelon

This hotel is a real respite if you do not like to stay in the well known hotel chains( even though some are beautiful). Students from The amsterdam Fashion Institute were asked to decorate the rooms and so fashion and architecture blended so very well. All rooms are totally different decorated in a very tasty and original way.

Screaming Beans
Posted on: 14 september 2012 Posted by: Madelon

Although i am in the possession of two coffee machines at home, I rather take a walk around the corner for the best Latte Macciato. At Screaming Beans they even give courses to restaurants and coffee places in how to make the best coffee. Of course they also sell packaged coffee in all sorts of flavors and can give you advise in the best coffee machines.

Posted on: 06 september 2012 Posted by: Madelon

In one of my favorite streets in the heart of Amsterdam, between loads of Italian restaurants and other fantastic shops, you'll find Cafe de Tuin. Because of the fact that one of our daughters lives in this street, we often stroke here for a lovely latte macchiato, breakfast or lunch. Absolut a popular neighborhood cafe, cause when i pass by in the evening, the place is also very crowded.

Restaurant WOO BROS
Posted on: 06 september 2012 Posted by: Madelon

Open since a few months. Amazingly sweet staff who are willing to bend down and explain you all about the menu. Asian restaurants like these you will find a lot in London, but in Amsterdam you can count them on half your hand. So we needed more places like this. It is the younger sister restaurant of the famous Asian restaurant Dynasty.