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What we do

Perhaps you’d like to give your home that lovely warm and personal feeling, but are not sure how and where to start. Maybe you experience difficulties picking the right outfits for parties, meetings or even a cosy night at home. Your wardrobe or walk-in-closet is almost always a mess. You’re travelling to Paris, Amsterdam, Miami or New York and are wondering which hotel to book, which restaurant or club to try and which clothes to pack. You’ve got no clue about organising a fabulous birthday party. You read all the magazines but can never find the ultimate beauty-tips, because the models are at least ten years younger.


Does this ring a bell? For us it did - once. But work and life itself provided lifestyle experience. Family, friends and even people we hardly know ask for our advice on interior decorating, fashion, travel, dining, organising & beauty. So we decided to offer our services professionally. We can assist in interior decorating, personal shopping and planning & organising of events, wardrobes & agenda’s.


This site shows an impression of who we are, what we do & what thrills us. In other words: our lifestyle2go, especially for you! Our weekly refreshed blogs will take you on a journey along the themes of our lives.


Want to join us?