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So happy that you have found my website!


On Lifestyle2go.com I share through weekly blogs, all my personal findings in the field of Lifestyle, which are life-enriching.


For years people have been picking my brains for tips on travel, fashion, interior, recipes, beauty, events and much more.


My creativity is partly due to the many worldwide travels I've made and the different countries and places where I have lived as a child with my parents, alone and with my family.


My work as an interior designer is something I have inherited from home. My mother was always busy with decorating and changing our interior. Subconsciously, I took the habit on as a child and made sure my room was always contemporary with a personal warm touch.


Since then I have assisted many projects, or with complete renovations, or with the intervention of the whole device with my company: MOS interiors.


As an interior specialist and editor of a lifestyle magazine, all wonderful places in the world that I have visited as well as the many people I meet on my path, have inspired me in my sense of color, space and insights into trends.


I am also very privileged to be allowed to live in an inspiring piece of world heritage: our own capital 'Amsterdam'. 


Let me and my guest bloggers take you to the beautiful things in life and especially do not hesitate to provide us with your comments at the bottom of each blog-posts or on the Facebook page of Lifestyle2go.


Enjoy reading and viewing with pleasure!


Madelon Oudshoorn Spaargaren


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Most populair posts
sneak preview
Posted on: 30 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

  On this sunny day I want to show you a small selection of the colourful products, soon to be sold online here at Lifestyle2go, after the cold winter days.   Handmade pillows of Vlisco fabrics with Designers Guild fabrics used on their backsides and with funky piping’s. They come in different sizes and designs.

Baobab; the new super fruit
Posted on: 29 october 2013 Posted by: Kitty

The African have been eating the fruits and leaves of the Baobab tree already for centuries. The thickest tree of the world is also called 'The Tree of Life' and is one of the most important food source in Africa as the fruits are full of nutritions, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.   In ...

Little Palm Island Resort-Florida
Posted on: 28 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

When I was an air-hostess, I often stayed in Miami. I have seen the place grow from a grandfather and grandmother resort to a place where toutes hip and happening like to camp. The great thing about Florida is that the entire environment is very laid-back. This is in contrast to other large parts of the rest of America.

Autumn Sun
Posted on: 27 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

I am afraid that this really was the last summer week this month. But how I enjoyed it. During the day we were able to wear summer-style clothes and in the evenings just throw a cardigan over your outfit. More was not needed. In two hours time the clock will go back to winter-time. For me this is always hard to swallow.

Old Traditions...
Posted on: 25 october 2013 Posted by: Anne-Marie

Old traditions ...   In 1891 my greatgrandfather started a butcher shop in Terneuzen , which later develops into a meat company in Ghent . So I grew up with ham on my sandwich instead of peanut butter. With that ham came a special mustard . The Tierenteyn Musterd made in Ghent .   This ...

Wonderryck Twente/ Museum in the East of Holland
Posted on: 24 october 2013 Posted by: Kitty

My family and I like to make city trips and when we do, we often visit museums. There are many interesting museums in Amsterdam but we were so happy to discover a great museum in our own area.   Last week we visited the nature museum, Natura Docet, wich they gave the new name 'Wonderrycck Twente' (meaning: Wonder Empire of East Holland) after the renovation.

Mussels from the wok
Posted on: 23 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

How much fun it is to prepare mussels in another way than the traditional one. With my partial Asian blood running through my veins, but also because everyone in my family really likes to eat lean meals, we love to use the wok. When my husband is at home with the kids, he always stir-fries because it is easy and does not take a lot of time.

Funky Boots
Posted on: 21 october 2013 Posted by: Kitty

  According to many fashion magazine, these booties are the ultimate hit this winter. I also fell in love with the Howsty Etnia Boots. Especially the combination, suede, leather and the piece of hand-woven kilim, make them unique. And there beautiful, although I must admit, you don't need to walk a marathon on it :-) The boots are on sale at 'negenstraatjesonline'.

Run for Human Rights Watch
Posted on: 21 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Since 2010 a group of 40 motivated students and young professionals (from business, politics, media, health, science and advocacy) is composed from a large group of registrations to be committed to run for Human Rights Watch.   These runners are responsible, for the period of one year, by organizing ...

One in eight...
Posted on: 19 october 2013 Posted by: Kitty

In the month of breast cancer, I would like to highlight the impressive book of Sandra Koolmees. The title ' one in eight ' refers directly to the fact that there are 1 in 8 women who will be dealing with breast-cancer. When I started in the book, I could not stop reading. Her story will not let you go, it is so realistic.

Shoot the Zebra
Posted on: 17 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

As an interior decorator I often feel the urge to throw things around in my own interior. But of course in this economical crisis I wouldn’t do anything stupidly large. But once in a while move furniture or change its color does wonders for my interior stylist drift.   So we are the proud owners of this monster Baxter couch in zebra print.

Villa Vital Hengelo
Posted on: 16 october 2013 Posted by: Kitty

Elke Kerver is a lading lady in Twente (the east part of the Netherlands) in the skin care bussiness. She and her specialized team welcome you in their very nice environment: a cosy farm. Of course I am very critical when it comes to taking care of my own body and skin. And almost each visit i ask Elke a lot of questions about her beauty products.

The new hotspot in Amsterdam ; 5&33 in the Art Ôtel
Posted on: 15 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

This month you could “sneak” food at the new restaurant : 5&33 in the Art Ôtel. Tonight they have their great opening party for 600 people and from tomorrow on you can officially book a table. But already turning to trail, they had a ‘sneak preview’ menu 3 weeks before opening.

The unlived life...
Posted on: 14 october 2013 Posted by: Mirjam

It is not just about dreaming or longing for another life, there is an unlived life for every person. That’s the thinking about who we really want to be, it is about all the plans we have, all the ones we’ve lost.
This book, written by psychoanalyst Adam Philips is not a very funny book, but it brings you a lot of understanding and knowledge about yourself and others.

As green as grass ;-)
Posted on: 14 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

When Kitty and I once again met up for a business meeting in Apeldoorn, we had a good laugh at the fact that our color mood often, without consultation, coordinated. This early morning we had both chosen for green. The color green stands for: nature-mother earth-fertility-peace-hope-tenderness-youth-comfort and self-love.

Best night out in Harlem, NYC
Posted on: 11 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

New York my favorite city, which is by now no longer a secret. It radiates 24/7 and there is so much to do. Take for instance all shows on and off Broadway. So much to choose from, that it spins your head. But what do we think is the most fun event in The big Apple? I dare share our secret with you: Amateur Night At The Apollo Theatre.

Children's theater de Toverknol
Posted on: 10 october 2013 Posted by: Kitty

I think, 'de Toverknol' is one of the best children's theaters in our country. The first time I came here my eldest son was four years old. And recently I took my three children and again they were very excited. The Toverknol has two mini theaters, one in Amsterdam and one in Haarlem. They have ...

Love is...Signature Gravure
Posted on: 09 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

It might be a family-deviation, but we all love to walk around with each others photos printed on bags, family photos incorporated into collages, printed on canvas on the wall, or even better with each other’s names or letters engraved on necklaces or bracelets. The latter applies especially for the girls in our family and the Pater Familias.

Favorite Second Hand Sale in Amsterdam
Posted on: 08 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Twice a year these girls arrange a fabulous second hand sale in Amsterdam. With all designer clothing, hardly worn or new. And yes you will find our own, almost new pieces, there too. Make sure you go there for boots, jackets, lammies, evening gowns, ski clothes and so much more!    van ...

Posted on: 05 october 2013 Posted by: Kitty

When I was in Rotterdam last week, I realized how privileged we are with a lot of wonderful museums, in our country. I visited the exhibition WIT in the Photo Museum of Rotterdam. The museum presents until January 5, 2014 the exhibition WHITE | Photography-Art-Film- Fashion and Design. WIT is a special ...

Ready, steady, go!
Posted on: 04 october 2013 Posted by: Anne-Marie

  This Wednesday there was a big book party at the elementary school of my son. In the context of the “Kinderboekenweek” all students could sell their old books to ensure that 'old' children's books get a second life and that extra reading is encouraged. Sorting out the books was a walk down memory lane.

UGG celebrates 35th birthday
Posted on: 04 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

For years fashonita’s and self-proclaimed stylists try to ban the famous UGG boot from the ‘whattowearthisseason-list’. And for years, they are still, once it gets cold, unthinkable in the streets. Yes of course, little elegant, no feminine heel, but how comfi they are. Especially ...

Posted on: 03 october 2013 Posted by: Kitty

I love the classic black and white combination. And we still see the print trousers during this coming winter. These flower print trousers from Essentiel Antwerp makes me happy!   Trousers: Essentiel Antwerp Silk blouse: BCBG maxazria Leather jacket: Twin-Set Belt : Valentino Scarf: Zara

black and white
Posted on: 02 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

It was quite a shock after all the bright colors this summer, to see the shops filled with lots of dark colors for winter. But with the aging of the colder days you’ll automatically turn into a winter mood. What you see in the stores is a lot of white and black and combinations with these colors.

Global Citizen festival NYC
Posted on: 01 october 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Just now we have returned from an overwhelming festival on the great lawn of Central Park New York City. The Global Citizen festival took place for the second time. The global Citizen project is an initiative started up in Australia. They create campaigns with the purpose of increasing the number of ...