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About me

So happy that you have found my website!


On Lifestyle2go.com I share through weekly blogs, all my personal findings in the field of Lifestyle, which are life-enriching.


For years people have been picking my brains for tips on travel, fashion, interior, recipes, beauty, events and much more.


My creativity is partly due to the many worldwide travels I've made and the different countries and places where I have lived as a child with my parents, alone and with my family.


My work as an interior designer is something I have inherited from home. My mother was always busy with decorating and changing our interior. Subconsciously, I took the habit on as a child and made sure my room was always contemporary with a personal warm touch.


Since then I have assisted many projects, or with complete renovations, or with the intervention of the whole device with my company: MOS interiors.


As an interior specialist and editor of a lifestyle magazine, all wonderful places in the world that I have visited as well as the many people I meet on my path, have inspired me in my sense of color, space and insights into trends.


I am also very privileged to be allowed to live in an inspiring piece of world heritage: our own capital 'Amsterdam'. 


Let me and my guest bloggers take you to the beautiful things in life and especially do not hesitate to provide us with your comments at the bottom of each blog-posts or on the Facebook page of Lifestyle2go.


Enjoy reading and viewing with pleasure!


Madelon Oudshoorn Spaargaren


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Most populair posts
a design crib in Jerusalem
Posted on: 20 february 2014 Posted by: Madelon

And wherever we go, if possible, I search for a boutique hotel. I prefer those over the famous huge hotels from major chains. They are mostly decorated in an old-fashioned (out-dated) way. And I just love to be inspired by new architects. To my surprise I found, after some searching, the sister hotel ...

The promised land / 1st tip
Posted on: 18 february 2014 Posted by: Madelon

  The adrenaline is pumping through my body after our Valentine’s Weekend in Jerusalem. I fell in love, again. Meanwhile, I'm beginning to recognize and understand my infatuation. As I feel drawn to complex and fascinating men, I know, because already most of my life I am with someone that ...

Dress, Gown or Frock
Posted on: 17 february 2014 Posted by: Madelon

Unlike passed times, women today often wear a dress only on official occasions. Did you know that the dress that raised the highest amount ever at an auction was Marilyn Monroe’s? 3,9 million euros was put down for this piece of textile. Personally I do not wear dresses often. I prefer to move around in comfortable outfits.

happy together Valentine's Day
Posted on: 13 february 2014 Posted by: Madelon

Tomorrow's the day of love! A commercial day that was adopted in the USA and become a great success here only in the 90s. But did you know that Pope Gelasius declared this day a day of sacred Valentine already in 496? The nice thing about being young is the ability to receive something from a secret admirer on this day.

(wine) and pasta
Posted on: 12 february 2014 Posted by: Madelon

On the way from home to the airport, my love and I decided, on spec, to search for a restaurant in the Admirals neighborhood in Amsterdam Oud - West.
We agreed that we would settle down wherever we would find a parking spot for our oversized American family van, jokingly called the " rapper's delight - car '.

Reading about art?
Posted on: 10 february 2014 Posted by: Mirjam

Looking art is one thing, reading about it is another. Most texts on art are difficult to read, most of the time you need a lot of knowledge about several disciplines to really understand these professional texts. But the Dutch writer Joost Zwagerman makes painting, designs and all other sorts of art easy to understand.

Posted on: 09 february 2014 Posted by: Madelon

I am addicted! Yeah, I know, I claimed earlier that I miss out on any gene for addiction, but now I am finally hooked. I cannot live without anymore. The overwhelming scents have made me a true junkie and as a style fetishist I cannot resist their insane good looks and luxurious appearance. From the decorated tins to the colored glass cloches, I have collected all at home.

Posted on: 07 february 2014 Posted by: Madelon

I continue to struggle with the desire to keep all my ‘jewels of life ' to myself or to share with friends and followers. First of all, I grant all those nice people with great companies many commercial customers and secondly, sharing is much more fun than keeping it to yourself. So here it is: LAVINIA Lavinia is the main character in Virgil’s Roman mythology of Aeneis.

Light in darker days
Posted on: 06 february 2014 Posted by: Madelon

Never do I seem to make up my mind whether the sale makes me happy or not. The 3 mad crazy days at our famous department store? Not for me. All these greedy people almost killing each other over all these items on sale ......I go crazy. Anyhow, I've never been a fan of department stores. Far too big and cumbersome.

Lima, Peru
Posted on: 04 february 2014 Posted by: Madelon

On our brief visit to Lima, the capital of Peru, I fell in love. What a mystical city: music in the streets, beautiful architecture from their colonial past, you stumble upon the religious relics from the Inca era, the wonderful seaside location, the subtropical climate, their color and pattern use in their fabrics, known for their silver and unsurpassed culinary delights.