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So happy that you have found my website!


On Lifestyle2go.com I share through weekly blogs, all my personal findings in the field of Lifestyle, which are life-enriching.


For years people have been picking my brains for tips on travel, fashion, interior, recipes, beauty, events and much more.


My creativity is partly due to the many worldwide travels I've made and the different countries and places where I have lived as a child with my parents, alone and with my family.


My work as an interior designer is something I have inherited from home. My mother was always busy with decorating and changing our interior. Subconsciously, I took the habit on as a child and made sure my room was always contemporary with a personal warm touch.


Since then I have assisted many projects, or with complete renovations, or with the intervention of the whole device with my company: MOS interiors.


As an interior specialist and editor of a lifestyle magazine, all wonderful places in the world that I have visited as well as the many people I meet on my path, have inspired me in my sense of color, space and insights into trends.


I am also very privileged to be allowed to live in an inspiring piece of world heritage: our own capital 'Amsterdam'. 


Let me and my guest bloggers take you to the beautiful things in life and especially do not hesitate to provide us with your comments at the bottom of each blog-posts or on the Facebook page of Lifestyle2go.


Enjoy reading and viewing with pleasure!


Madelon Oudshoorn Spaargaren


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Most populair posts
Superga goes 9 straatjes!
Posted on: 27 june 2013 Posted by: Berine

A brand born in 1911, in Italy. My mum already wore them for years in her student time, already then they were a big trend. And, luckily, the trend has totally made a come back! The simple but ‘oh so cute’ sneakers are very S/S 2013. They are very comfortable to walk on and easy to combine with anything as they are sold in every possible colour you could think of.

He's back!!!
Posted on: 27 june 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Oh what a delight, the torn up boy-friend jeans is back! And how lucky; I kept all these models. I do clean up my wardrobe twice a year, but couldn't say goodbye to these old chaps. They are so comfy and are so 'Amsterdam'.   Jeans: Galliano Sweater: Raak Amsterdam Top: Luisa ...

Tie me up
Posted on: 26 june 2013 Posted by: Berine

As soon as the sun appears, these appear too. You see them everywhere on the streets, in the nightlife and especially on festivals. The fashionable colourful headbands. A trend that has blown over from the UK and is understood well by the Dutch girls and women. They don’t just keep your hair out of your face; they also just look incredibly hot and make every outfit trendy and summer-ready.

Webshop Ikea
Posted on: 21 june 2013 Posted by: Anne-Marie

Finally,! The Swedish furniture company Ikea has  opened his own webshop in the Netherlands last Thursday.  For anyone who’s horrified by Swedish balls, children who must be picked up at the children's paradise and very busy Saturdays there now is an alternative. The Ikea webstore! In the online store you can order more than 6,000 popular items.

Coral red
Posted on: 20 june 2013 Posted by: Madelon

The trend this summer is the color halfway between red, pink and orange. It is a color that suits everyone. It warms up your complexion, even if your skin is a little paler.  This color leaves you glowing and you will get a lot more positive attention than a lot of other colors do. Are you missing any coral red item in your wardrobe? It is definitely worthwhile trying.

Give your bathroom a luxurious look
Posted on: 19 june 2013 Posted by: Madelon

After years of non-stop renovating, building meetings, inventing new things over and over, which tile to choose, tabs, shower heads and where to build the bathroom in the first place. Left a bunch of finished projects at the new happy owners and after that we were done with having all the builders around us 24/7.

Two favourites
Posted on: 18 june 2013 Posted by: Kitty

To me the combination of lots of pillows and the colour blue will always be a favourite. Most of these were especially made for me, out of a fabric which is suited to outdoor use. The other pillows (front row) were designed by Scandinavian label Day. Lots of pillows create a cosy, informal feeling and make the look complete at the same time.

Hale Bob
Posted on: 14 june 2013 Posted by: Anne-Marie

I Love the colorful prints of Missoni and Pucci but there is a new kid in town, named Hale Bob. His designs are true pieces of art. In LA, the city of glamor, Daniel Bohbot gets most of his inspiration. That’s probably why a lot of famous moviestars are wearing his creations. As Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum and Selma Hayek.

Walking in neon
Posted on: 14 june 2013 Posted by: Kitty

We've all been there. One of those days with too much going on and nothing going right. A schedule from hell , an overloaded to-do list and on top of that I had to accompany my kids in the yearly Avondvierdaagse a Dutch four-nights-in-a-row walking event for children. Eventually, much later and ...

Confessing color with Roche Bobois
Posted on: 12 june 2013 Posted by: Madelon

For the high end contemporary furniture of the French company Roche Bobois, I feel a great love. They make you think off Moroccan interiors and especially of their rooftop terraces, where you often find these kind of lounge sofas. Famous designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Missoni, Kenzo, Ungaro and many more, signed for them.

Lovely lace
Posted on: 07 june 2013 Posted by: Kitty

Lace has a romantic and female feeling, but something dramatic as well. Black lace for instance. I admired the black lace veil our new queen Máxima once draped over her head at her father in law¹s funeral. Over the years my closet has always contained some lace. This season I gave in to the temptation of a lace-fluorine combo.

Hiding in a closet
Posted on: 05 june 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Always looking for extra space in your wardrobe closets? Always trying to pile up your love's stuff, so you have more space to put your clothes?  Then these Ikea closets are a welcome solution. They have them in different sizes. You could leave the shelves empty, but more decorative it is to use the different baskets that they sell with it.