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About me

So happy that you have found my website!


On Lifestyle2go.com I share through weekly blogs, all my personal findings in the field of Lifestyle, which are life-enriching.


For years people have been picking my brains for tips on travel, fashion, interior, recipes, beauty, events and much more.


My creativity is partly due to the many worldwide travels I've made and the different countries and places where I have lived as a child with my parents, alone and with my family.


My work as an interior designer is something I have inherited from home. My mother was always busy with decorating and changing our interior. Subconsciously, I took the habit on as a child and made sure my room was always contemporary with a personal warm touch.


Since then I have assisted many projects, or with complete renovations, or with the intervention of the whole device with my company: MOS interiors.


As an interior specialist and editor of a lifestyle magazine, all wonderful places in the world that I have visited as well as the many people I meet on my path, have inspired me in my sense of color, space and insights into trends.


I am also very privileged to be allowed to live in an inspiring piece of world heritage: our own capital 'Amsterdam'. 


Let me and my guest bloggers take you to the beautiful things in life and especially do not hesitate to provide us with your comments at the bottom of each blog-posts or on the Facebook page of Lifestyle2go.


Enjoy reading and viewing with pleasure!


Madelon Oudshoorn Spaargaren


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Most populair posts
love this Dress
Posted on: 31 august 2013 Posted by: Kitty

Dresses! I love love to wear them ... you probably knew that already.The one from Seventy i can wear endlessly during the Indian summer! www.leurinkmode.nl

special dresses
Posted on: 26 august 2013 Posted by: Madelon

If I'm really looking for a special summer dress, I always visit Pep's in Cannes.
They are really quite pricey, but long live the Sale! Then I take my changes. The dresses are not very trend sensitive and therefore handy for many summers more.   Pep's 35 rue Commandant André Cannes https://www.

These shoes are made for...
Posted on: 23 august 2013 Posted by: Mirjam

Love, parties, dinners, coffees, anything but the marathon! really knows how to seduce you, and so let’s find out who I am to seduce...

Red pepper
Posted on: 17 august 2013 Posted by: Kitty

  It was love at first sight when I saw this beautiful red dress in Rome. Hoss Intropia comes from Spain. And the designers both love to create special details with nice fabrics.

Royal fabrics
Posted on: 15 august 2013 Posted by: Kitty

I’ve been told our flamboyant queen Máxima adores fabrics by Ikat. What a coincidence: so do I J. Visiting The Hague I always pop into Minty, the wonderful fabric store on Frederikstreet, owned by my dear friend Maria. It features the loveliest and most beautiful fabrics at a low ...

Scalise bains de mer/ saint tropez
Posted on: 14 august 2013 Posted by: Madelon

This brand originates from Saint Tropez and is inspired by the timeless myths from this charming ancient fishing village. Through the designs you will find the richness of legends as well as the rapturous nature of the region.   The swimming trunks, for men women and children, drip from the most elaborate details.

sparkling wallpaper
Posted on: 13 august 2013 Posted by: Madelon

Like any girl I get very excited with all that glitters and sparkles. The British brand Kandola already for years designs luxurious fabrics and wallpaper with a high glamorous touch. They are inter alia famous for their unique own embroidery collection, their inventive process of laser cutting fabrics and wallpaper and their use of the famous Swarovski crystals in some of their collections.

Posted on: 11 august 2013 Posted by: Madelon

For quite some time I was searching for cool earrings with fluorescent colours, when I spotted these handmade ones in an Ibiza type of shop in Saint Tropez. And no, it was not a bargain, but I immediately fell in love with them, so I had to buy them. And what is extra special about them, is the fact that they are handmade and therefore unique.

jeans is never out of fashion
Posted on: 11 august 2013 Posted by: Madelon

MADELON   Boyfriend jeans: Current Elliott Blouse: des Petits Hauts Sandals: Pinko Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton Belt: Markt San Remo Earrings: hand made by Chichou88/ Saint Tropez -

Talking about wedges...
Posted on: 10 august 2013 Posted by: Mirjam

We all know Rem Kolhaas being an architect, but did you know he designs shoes as well? These fantastic forms and colours, and let’s not forget the extraordinary variations in heels, are to be seen and bought in the Spuistraat in Amsterdam. United Nude!

These I bought lately. They are comfortable and attractive.

jungle fever
Posted on: 02 august 2013 Posted by: Madelon

As you know by now I do not have a standard taste. I am always in to trying out wild things and different atmospheres in my interiors. With this bathroom I had the feeling it would bet o dull if I left it all white. The first years there were waves painted on the walls, but since the last few years it has turned into a vivid jungle.

Silk and your bloggergirls
Posted on: 01 august 2013 Posted by: Madelon

As promised I will show regularly the things I had made from Ghanaian fabrics. This blouse and trousers are made of 5 silk scarfs( 2 different ones) of the Vlisco brand. I fell in love with their new silk fabrics, but unfortunately you are not able to buy them by yard, but just as scarfs. My lovely seamstress Gladys in Ghana, together with her sister, makes the most beautiful things for me.