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Dressed with Love

Dearest followers.

It has been a great couple of months since I have shared with you the beautiful things of life. I probably do not need to explain to any of you that sometimes life takes a different path then planned, which means that work and hobby’s need to make place for more important things. Even though I can not promise anything, I do my utmost best to blog again on a more regular base. There are still so many awesome happenings to write about!

To start with something beautiful, I would like you to pay attention to the new winter collection of Dressed With Love, owned by my old Lifestyle2go partner Kitty and her business partner Anne. For this winter season they have given their popular dresses again warm, feminine and colorful designs.

It must be said that if I wear their green Maxima dress from last winter season, I am overwhelmed with compliments and questions about where to buy the dress.
And besides their well chosen designs, the dresses make you look elegant and slim because of the tight waist and a-line.
And how about the good news that they will open a Dress-room in the heart of Amsterdam from January!




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