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Before They Pass away and Mendo

My husband and I like to surprise each other with the most beautiful coffee table books.

Ideally I would like to display them all on tables and stands so you are able to browse through them regularly. Unfortunately there is never enough space to do so. Therefore one needs to rotate them regularly. 

For weeks I have been dreaming about the Jimmy nelson’s XXL book: BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY.

But this oversized edition with its wonderful stand is budget wise not feasible for everyone. But today my love surprised me with the smaller but even so pretty version, which only appeared in our favourite bookstore’ Mendo’,(Berenstraat 3, Amsterdam) yesterday.


Personally we are very privileged to have been able to make exceptional journeys and thereby meet rare tribes.

Portrait photography is also my favourite hobby and I could even make my own coffee table book out of all my own collected photos by now.

But Jimmy Nelson has roamed the world for at least two years and captured all these endangered tribes on film, resulting in this dream book.

The nice thing is that he was able to achieve this book with help of many friends and acquaintances of us.


The 5th of October Jimmy Nelson will sign his books at Mendo and I will be the first in line with my new, by then, already somewhat thumbed pages,





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Yvon van Bergen says:
Wow! wat mooi. geniet ze!